Ecdysis means the shedding of an outer layer.? It’s a biology term that describes the shedding of old skin when new skin is ready underneath, like a snake sliding out of its old colors.? This website is now an archive of four years of two previous blogs Notes from Home Plate, My Ecdysis, and one vlogging YouTube channel. It holds some photography and mixed media creations, but primarily it is home to my writings in the feminist blogosphere, poetry, prose, and personal updates.

I have taken breaks from blogging over the years and now it’s 2015 and I’m moving back into this space. ?A lot has changed since I started blogging 11 years ago. ?(DAY-UM! 11 years!)

Ten years ago I married my life partner, Nick. ?Five years ago I birthed my own personal buddha for a son. ?His name is Isaiah. ?And in March of 2015 I birthed Rosario, a sly-smiling girl who will deceive you with her cuteness. DON’T LET HER.

A little over a year ago, I published an anthology, Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence which is available through AK Press. ?I’m currently in the MFA creative writing program at Columbia University and live in New York. ?I’ve published all kinds of things over the years, usually about feminist and race issues, usually in small, independent, left of center magazines, collectives, and presses. ?In addition to the anthology, I’ve edited with make/shift magazine and Literary Mama. ?My next book is a memoir of my experience of faith and Catholicism while remaining an equally devout feminist.

I write about writing, spirituality, social justice, and culture issues. ?Words cannot express the fascination and fury I have with the world. ?Nevertheless, I try.