I’ve taken a moment to look at this website. ?An archive of passed time, of used-tos and remember whens. I’ve been reading my bad poetry! ?It’s so sincere. ?I can still see the places where I didn’t understand symbolism or metaphor quite clearly enough to make it work. ?But I wrote it nonetheless. ?I’m either […]

An Overdue Make-Over!

I think it’s been at least five years since I changed the layout of this site. Keeping these old posts – the humiliating evidence of a novice writer – and old creations called “new media” create a deep appreciation for the journey of the writer and artist. ?It is always humbling to see yourself a […]

My Prayer for Charleston: Love Harder

It isn’t really about the Charleston massacre, it’s about race.? It’s about racism.? It’s about White supremacy and knowing what it means for a White man to murder nine Black people inside a church known for Black resistance and liberation.? Knowing this, I wonder how to make others in my life understand that ignorance is […]

Some Resurrections Take Time

I remember when I blogged for sanity. I remember when I blogged to find a community of like-minded people. I remember when I stopped blogging. — And now I’m back to my site, here. ?A lot of things have changed, and I’m returning to sharing the personal as a political act.

I’m Here

Not only am I here, but I’m in many places – my own website, tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. I think someday I will learn how to keep everything in one place, until then though, I’m going to be in many places. But this will always be home. HOME.

Two Summer Homes

Sometimes the road feels like home. ?The shoulders of highway feel like walls and the yellow dash line feels as familiar as the handrail going up the steps to the bedrooms. ?Sometimes the car is my couch. ?That’s how 2014 has been spent. Traveling. ?Being uprooted, splintered weeks where a Wednesday feels as uneventful as […]


Today we’re off to Russia. It’s a surprise. ?Ron, my father in law, is retiring from the job he has had for 40 years. 40 years! ?We’re sneaking in to surprise him on his last day of work after four decades of service. What a privilege to have that kind of security, to move into […]

Back into Photography

I’ve been reading and writing more lately. Trying to establish the habits that I will surely need in my MFA program. I’ve found that I need to do something else to balance my literary heavy life. Photography came back into focus. I haven’t picked up the camera in a long time but I was reminded […]

Sisters Gone

Two Sisters *For the two Indian sisters who were raped and murdered in India this week They hung from a mango tree after their sweetness had all been stolen. Hung to sway into a wind that their skin could not feel. “The Untouchables,” in a caste system that hated them, so much so they deemed […]